I'll punch a bee. I don't give a fuck
❝ Toast is so morning-like! ❞

—Rooster Teeth’s next shirt, probably (via alloverthegaf)


I love how everyone just kind of…accepted Felix being Asian.

Like how Donut is blonde and Church has black hair.

No one questions it anymore. Hes Asian. Thats it.


Artist: PhemieC



Song-PhemieC-Ugly Story 


Okay so I repeated a few panels but overall I’m pretty happy with this considering the time it took! 

Rage Valley

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"no homo" I whisper as I look at my garden of pea plants. The progeny had expressed a 1:2:1 ratio of phenotypes. I am Gregor Mendel. 

You nerds, that ratio is 1 homozygous dominant, 2 heterozygotes and 1 homozygous recessive. So yes homo.

But the parent seeds would’ve both been heterozygous to make the 1:2:1 ratio. Nerd. No homo.



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I had a busy day and was not able to participate in streams or giveaways, or any online celebration for that matter, on April’s RT Community Day.

So to celebrate (a day late), I’m hosting a RT-exclusive art giveaway!

This includes!

  • RT Staff Members
  • Achievement Hunter Members
  • RVB Characters
  • RWBY Characters
  • A portrait of yourself in an RT shirt!
  • Yourself with someone from RT.
  • Anything else that is not excluded from the list below!

What I won’t draw: Shippy things (unless it’s a portrait of you and your significant other in RT shirts, sorry everyone!), scenes with more than three people, nsfw


  • You do not have to follow me (it’s appreciated, but no worries!)
  • Only reblogs count! Though you can like this post to save! I get that.

So who will win?

  • Winners will be chosen by random number generator!
  • First place: Fully colored piece.
  • Second Place: Lineart
  • Third Place: Doodle/Sketch

Giveaway ends Friday 18th 11:59 PM EST!
Art Examples can be found here!





Ok but could we stop with all the headcanons that Rose is super neat and organized

Look at this this place is a fucking mess

She literally just sews shit and then throws it on the floor

She didn’t even bother keeping the socks together one of them is just chilling on the bed

Speaking of the bed look at that disastor

I bet she lies in it for hours writing her gay wizard fanfictions and then when she gets bored or hits a writing block she just drops her notebooks on the floor and rolls around

Look at that she won’t even put her violin in its case she just tossed it onto her cabinet like ‘fuck that I’m done’

Elegant my ass fandom

basically this and also how kanaya is not such a classy lady after all

Them living together AKA “where’s the coffee pot” “I Think It Has Taken Residence With The Socks”

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[x] Barbara does NOT want to be in the recap this week

how cute was her outfit though



Think I’ll do a series of klk x pmmm crossovers c: Haven’t doodled in a while~

the pull up: joel vs ray

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I get to wake up every morning, and go to a building, and work with the coolest people on the planet who I’m lucky enough to call friends.


*puts pocky stick in my mouth* see, its a metaphor, i put the weeaboo thing in my mouth without eating it, so im technically not a weeb